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Conover Properties

Conover Properties
Norfolk, NE

Conover Properties was founded in 2015. Today, we have successfully restored many properties in Northeast Nebraska. A recent project, a major renovation on the old bowling alley in Madison, NE, will provide 12 beautiful rental units. We also have buildings currently in development and look forward to starting on those in the near future. With the incredible need for housing in Norfolk and the surrounding areas, we found that not only could we provide modern, efficient housing, but we could also save old, worn down buildings in the process.

Conover Properties in Norfolk, NE

We build websites for small businesses in Nebraska.

Yes, we're known as the Nebraska Web Designers. However, we recently have expanded our web design service area and now we have websites in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, and South Dakota. No matter if you live in Nebraska or another state, find out how we can help you make a better website.

We look forward to working with you.

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ABOUT Ideal HTML Web Design

Ideal HTML Web Design is a web design company focused on building custom websites for small businesses in Nebraska. Ideal HTML Web Design has been building websites since 2001, but we officially opened under Ideal HTML Web Design in November 2017.

Ideal HTML Web Design is owned by John and Amanda Avidano.

Nebraska Web Designers John and Amanda Avidano


3006 N State Hwy 35
Norfolk, Nebraska
Phone: (402) 915-3088
Email: info@idealhtml.com

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