Do you have a question about web design?

What Questions Do You Have About Us?

We build websites. That's pretty obvious, but what about your questions? Well, below we have identified some common questions that were asked by customers we've worked with in the past. Let us know if you have a question not listed below.

Do you build responsive websites?

In other words, will the site you build for me fit on phones, tablets and laptops? The short answer, yes. Our websites are mobile-friendly and 100% responsive. We build websites so that all visitors can view your content no matter what type of device they have. Your website will easily resize to fit any device - from mobile phones to the various desktop computers. Because we think this is important, it is the first question we list on our FAQ.

Is your website design custom or do you use themes and templates?

Our website design services are fully custom to your business. We build websites for customers to fit their specific needs online.

Do you provide a free web design quote?

Yes, contact us for a speedy price quote for your business website.

Does Ideal HTML Web Design provide web hosting services?


Can we use Wordpress for our website CMS?

No, we do not recommend Wordpress as a full website solution. We can help you find the right CMS for your website. Wordpress is good for blogs only.

How do we get our website found in Google?

We have SEO services to help you get found in Google. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important for internet marketing and placement of your website in Google.

What do websites cost?

Web Design pricing depend on many different factors. If you would like to ask a few questions about what a website will cost just give us a call. We are willing to provide free quotes or at least ballpark your website project so you have an idea of what your website will cost you.