Building a Website for Behavioral Health Specialists in Norfolk NE

Building a Website for Behavioral Health Specialists in Norfolk NE

The Web Design Project

We are fortunate to work with a lot of small businesses in Norfolk, but recently had the opportunity to build a website for a pretty good sized business and they are awesome! So as a web designer I like to build a lot of different kinds of websites. And, typically I build websites for small businesses. I do this for the fact that many of the businesses in our area are small businesses. Norfolk, Nebraska has tons of businesses. But, I would say 90% of these businesses have less than 10 employees. This is the size of business that I would consider to be labeled as a small business.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a rural area or the big city. A website needs to do the same thing no matter the size of business or area you are in. A website needs to market the business in a way to drive customers, increase sales and do the work of an employee – answer questions to the visitors that come in to the business through the web.

Behavioral Health Specialists needed a website that worked on smart phones and on desktop computers alike. They needed Ideal HTML Web Design to build a responsive website. And, we did. We researched their content and we do what we do best, we made all of their website pages easy to use and work on smart phones and computers. It is as simple as that.

About The Company

Behavioral Health Specialists operates two short-term residential treatment programs: Seekers of Serenity in Columbus, Nebraska and Sunrise Place in Norfolk, Nebraska. BHS has foster homes, respite care homes, family support services and community support services that extend throughout Northeast Nebraska. Behavioral Health Specialists team of qualified professionals are committed to excellence in the provision of comprehensive behavioral health care & family services. For more information go to the website below.

The Web Design

Responsive Web Design by – go to

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