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The Omaha Deck Staining Guy

Aaron’s Deck Staining are experts on how to stain decks, restore decks, power wash and prepare decks for staining, but they didn’t know how to get their company name and information to their potential customers.

A few years back, word of mouth advertising, the newspaper and radio were how companies advertised and brought in new business. These days it takes a little more than just traditional media to get your company out in front of your competition.

Aaron decided he needed online marketing, but he didn’t know how to start and how much it would cost. Aaron knew he needed a website and SEO, but he didn’t know what SEO would do for his company.

In just a few years, Aaron reached thousands of customers online with his website and Google’s My Business page. Aaron continues to provide great service to his customers and his business no longer needs to advertise on the radio or newspaper.

We helped Aaron optimize his website for search engines. The process is called Search Engine Optimization; an ongoing process that your company shouldn’t attempt alone. We can help, at Ideal HTML Web Design we’re professionals in both web design and SEO. We will work with you to develop a professional website and engage your customers to help you bring more traffic to your website and help your business be successful online!

Check out Aaron’s web design project.

Nov 25, 2017

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