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Omaha Web Design, Ideal HTML designs websites for Omaha businesses

Omaha, NE - Ideal HTML, a growing website design company in Nebraska, serves Omaha businesses.

It's kind of full circle. My education in web design began in Omaha, where I earned a degree from The Creative Center in 2001. The years since have been an education in an ever-changing field. After working in New York and Norfolk as well as Omaha, I opened Ideal HTML in Norfolk, Nebraska in 2017. Ideal HTML serves website design customers in greater Nebraska and in other states. However, a good number of our customers not in Norfolk are located in and around Omaha.

- John Avidano, founder and owner of Ideal HTML

The reason for this is simple. In addition to the initial website design, Ideal HTML provides web hosting, including advanced DNS and hosting email with other services such as Google and Microsoft Exchange. As a trusted local web designer, we can help your business with a website, email hosting, domain registration, and continued website support.

Here's another piece of good news: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is our specialty. Essentially, this means getting your website found in Google searches.

Contacting us is the first step. Together with you, we will determine what your website can do for you. Questions asked and answered include, for example, who is your target audience? What Google searches will bring customers to find you on the Internet? It will be important for us to know your brand and marketing direction before moving forward with the website design.


Omaha Screen Printers: The Print Laboratory

The Print Laboratory, located in Omaha is one of our customers who have a specific goal in mind. They design and screen print t-shirts. The quality of their work sets them apart. It’s their specialty. When they first contacted us, they had a specific brand and marketing direction, but they didn’t know how to get their website online or how to market it effectively in Google. So, Ideal HTML made that happen in the most economical way possible. They didn’t have a big budget to pay for Google PPC advertising. We designed a website for them that included SEO. Search Engine Optimization (our specialty, remember?) helps you get found in Google in the organic results. This means you won’t be paying for PPC or Google advertising to be listed on the first page in Google.

Try it for yourself. If you search for “Omaha Screen Printers” or a variation of those key words, you will find The Print Laboratory is #1 or in the top searches in Google. While you’re there, check out The Print Laboratory to see their new website designed by Ideal HTML.

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Oct 30, 2020

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